House Deep Cleans

House Deep Cleans in Bedford!

Clean and Clear Personal Assistants are one of the fastest growing house cleaning services in Bedford and we specialise in house deep cleaning. We have a team of dedicated, reliable and hardworking cleaners who are rewarded by transforming your house into a clean and comfy home.

If you’re looking for a house deep clean, be sure to give us a call or contact us via our contact form and we will only be too pleased to create you a custom quote and explain more about our deep clean service in Bedford.

More about Our House Deep Clean Service

We cover all the Bedford and surrounding villages, offering a one-off deep clean to bring your house back to the showroom look and feel you deserve. If you’ve let things go for a little while, due to your busy family life, or you need a little helping hand to get back on top of things the Clean and Clear Personal Assistants can help. We will have a team of dedicated cleaners tackle all the rooms in your house and make it shine. This means you can then either order one of our monthly/weekly cleans or just clean it yourself without that huge task in front of you!

Within our Deep Clean Service!

We will clean all the rooms in your house or the ones you choose including:

  • Kitchen – we will clean the counters, cabinets, hob, backsplash, inside and outside of your appliances, including dishwasher, fridge, oven etc.
  • Floors – Whether you have wood flooring or carpets, we will bring them all up so they feel fresh and new
  • Bathrooms- Known to be one of the dirtiest areas for mould and scale we will clean it so you hardly recognise it, bringing it back to a pleasant room to poor yourself a bath and relax knowing that your house is beautiful and clean
  • Living Rooms – Come home from work and relax in front of the box with the thought that your couch, furniture and carpet/flooring is beautifully clean
  • Bedrooms – Whether you have one bedroom or 10 bedrooms we will clean them and make them sanctuary. Cleaning all bedside furniture so it’s completely clear from dust and dirt.

Our Team of Deep Cleaners!

Our team who will complete the Deep Clean will complete the job in the time you provide. If you want us to complete it in 2 hours, then we will send a number of cleaners to complete it in that time.

We are one of the most recommended house cleaning services in Bedford for good reason. Our reliability, our cleaning standards and our very competitive prices make us your number one choice! Give us a call today to arrange a bespoke quote for your one off deep clean.

Give us a call for a friendly chat about your needs 07528 948504